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Do you know which Neck Pattern Suits You Best?


A neckline is one of the best ways to draw the attention of the people to your designer kurti and upper body as well. Do you know that wearing outfits with the imperfect neck pattern can mess up your look? This is because your face structure and your body type determine the type of neckline that you should be opting for. All necklines may not look good on all dresses on all body-types. While deciding the neckline of your dress, Take care that you wear right type of neckline that enhances your body. 

Types of Kurti neck lines

Round Neckline

Round neck pattern is most common pattern of kurti. It is simple round neckline around your neck.

  • This neck-line suits women of all shapes and sizes.
  • Look great on taller women

 Square Neckline

This neck pattern is cut straight across the front and it is a very suitable on larger busted women.

  • A square neckline gives a lengthened look to your dumpy neck and slim shoulders.
  • It gives the shoulders a broader look.
  • It is best for Pear shaped body-types.
  • Those with square face should avoid wearing this neckline as it can make your face look squarer.

‘V’ Neckline

V-neckline creates a V shape at the neckline. It can range from a simple V to a very low, plunging V-neckline.

  • V neckline makes the neck appear longer.
  • You look slim with V neck pattern
  • If you have a small neck or a round or square face, V-neckline looks good on small neck or a round or square face, as it will give an elongated look to your neck and make your face appear narrower.
  • It is good for both with small and large bust size.
  • Women who has long face should avoid this neckline kurti as it will only make long face appear longer.
  • Women who have very long necks should avoid V-shaped and U-shaped neck styles                                                                                                    

Sweetheart Neckline

This popular design is the same shape as the top of a heart. It suits many body shapes.

  • A Sweetheart Neck pattern is quite different from a V- Neckline, though the style may somewhat appear the same to some people.
  • The sweet-heart neckline suits women of all shape, size and body-type.
  • The sweetheart neckline is right option for women with both, small or large bust size.
  • Short women with small breasts and narrow shoulders may wear them to appear curvier.

Halter Neckline

Halter neck pattern is best for small or medium busted women. Halter neck kurti has two straps that close behind the neck.

  • The halter-neck is right choice for average to small busted women. It bares your arms and exposes your shoulders.
  • This neck-line suits the most with hourglass body-type.
  • Those with large chest, heavy arms and broad shoulders should avoid wearing this neckline

Boat Neckline

Boat neckline pass by the collarbones and hang on both shoulders.

  • Helps enhance narrow shoulders by creating a widening effect.
  • This neck-line is best all shape.
  • This neckline is suitable for those with small bust-size.
  • It can help balance wide hips to the upper part of the body frame and make your figure look closer to the hour-glass body-type.
  • This is not an ideal one for those with broad shoulders or a short neck.

Collar Neckline

This sits high up covering the neck with a band like collar, it is also known as a Mandarin and Nehru collar.

  • It may be just a simple slit in the neck of a kurti. This split is usually secured at its top with a hook and eye or loop and button.
  • This style looks good on women of all ages.
  • Women with small bust area may wear the neckline as it may help enhance a small chest.
  • Women with larger bust-size must avoid wearing this neck-line.
  • Collar kurti look good on women with thin and long necks, but women who are short should strictly avoid high color kurti.

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