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How is Churidar Different from Salwar?


Indian clothes are becoming gradually more popular all over the globe. More numbers of women are now adapting traditional Indian garments. A major thing, which all Indians share, is the dressing fashion which remains rather the same irrespective of their customs and race.

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Churidar and Salwar are the most common outfits, which are worn almost by all the women of Indian subcontinent. Popularly recognized as the Indian dress or Pakistani garment, a set of Wonderful Salwar Kameez usually comprises of a tunic named as Kameez. The loose trousers known as Salwar, and generally a matching stole, considered as Dupatta, is also used by the women.71016

Churidar is, in fact, an outfit with modern design. It is believed that Salwar actually paved theway for this kind of dress. While comparing the two categories, the churidar is thought to be comparatively more artificial than that of the salwar Kameez. With the introduction of the churidar, you perhaps have noticed an alteration from the traditional styles to the modern ones.

Diverse designs in two dresses

Although Salwar Kameez and Churidar are quite alike, the curves or designs in their fabric vary. Churidar is somewhat more strongly fitted at your thighs, ankles or hips than the salwar.


Again, Churidar is intended to be firmly fitted from the lower portion of the knee and looser from the upper part of it. The churidar appears as leggings. In contrast, Salwar is seen to be very baggy pajama-like clothing.


Difference in length

One more difference which can be observed between these two types of dresses is that the later one is lengthier. The ends need to be crinkled for fitting in at the ankles parts. The creases, which are created while the churidar is placed in the ankles, look like bangles, and therefore it is called as churidar.


The upper part of salwar kameez is little extensive but it is not seen in case of the churidar. Unlike salwar kameez, the churidar includes a shape that looks like a leg.


Pleats in the dresses

Another dissimilarity that can be noticed is in their pleats. In case of Salwar, the pleats are on the upper segment while this is not usually seen in a Churidar.

Embroideries found in both the outfits


Salwar Kameez and Churidar Kurtas are created from the range of fabrics such as satin, cotton fiber, silk, and crepe, brocade, georgette, and other heavy satins. You can also find real silver and gold needlework, studded with valuable stones. Complicated patterns are made by the means of Phulkari, Meenakari sewing works. Among other works, there are Kundan and Zardosi patterns.


The churidar and salwar are available in various styles. If the two are compared in terms of popularity, then the churidar is more favored by the women. Neck styles suited with churidar are also of different shapes. Some of them are the round shaped neck, V or U shaped neck, Split Round neck, Pointed U neck, Square designs and also Mandarian Collar styles.


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