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How Traditional Indian Saree Has Won Fans Worldwide?


When we say India, automatically the first thing that comes to our mind is the rich tradition of this country. When we talk about tradition too, then the first thing that would come to our mind would be our heritage and our clothing. Indian Sarees are the beautiful heritage that we have been following and we wish to keep intact in days to come.

The good news is that though many of us feel comfortable in jeans and t-shirt, or the western clothes, the people from around the world love our sarees and also try to drape it once in a while.

Tennis star Anna Kurnikova in Saree

Tennis star Anna Kurnikova at an event held in honor of the star in her visit to India had graced the occasion in pale blue crepe saree. Her tall figure and her pretty face seemed to look doubly sweet in the saree as she is seen in the picture. However, the bonus points go to her for her matching sleeveless halter blouse and her silver watch that adorns her slender wrist.

Indian Traditional wear saree

Here, we can see how two girls and among them one being an Indian has helped her White friend drape the Indian saree in the best manner by pleating and neatly pinning up the pallu on her shoulder. Matching designer red bindi and red chunky ear rings too add on to the look and as we can see her million dollar smile makes this picture perfect!

Indian Traditional Saree worn by foreign woman

We know that all across our country, sarees are worn and in different fashions. Not only that, there are many varieties of sarees available too! Like in this picture, we can see few women from different countries, wearing traditional south Indian silk sarees. The girl in pink saree has worn the saree perfectly and her pleats are pinned and her friend in pale blue saree has accessorized her chiffon saree with a gajra or a string of jasmine flowers on her hair. Traditionally, she rocks as does her other friend in dark blue saree in the middle!

Elizabeth Hurley in Indian Saree

Here again, we see that not only the saree but the modern Indian woman and women from different nationalities understand that not just the saree with the matching blouse but also the accessories mean a lot to the saree and give it a lot of beauty. Here we see a Hollywood actress Elizabeth Hurley who is seen in pink saree with sequence work all over and wide border in red and silver. She has used a sleeveless designer blouse and that makes the saree look cool. At the same time, she looks great with matching silver hand ring and ear rings.

Foreign woman in Saree

Do you have a Wedding party to attend? Then do make sure your friend gets one chiffon Bollywood style saree with matching colored blouse. Oh! And do not forget to match it with minimalistic silver or golden jewelry to go with it!

Sarees are not boring and though many Indian women complain about draping it, but if you get the hang of it, you will not be so burdenend by it! Rather, look at these young women from different countries proudly flaunting our traditional clothing and learn to appreciate it!


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