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Know the Difference between Chaniya Choli and Lehenga Choli


Festive season and wedding season in India would certainly be incomplete without the women going shopping for ethnic Indian wear. Sarees are definitely chosen by women who love to flaunt their styles and by women who love their six yards, but the younger generation loves to flaunt their curves in Lehenga cholis or Chaniya cholis.3f5d9ef07537d308d139d731ffdaa34c Many years ago, across Indian and different cities and cultures, women wore sarees and their local traditional wear for all occasions. But then women started going to work and then started redefining and experimenting with clothes while staying as close to culture and tradition as possible.


Welcome to the world of lehenga and chaniya cholis!

Primarily, worn by women in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the chaniya cholis and lehengas have been around since time immemorial. Even if we look back in history and mythology, we shall be able to see characters like Radha and other Gopikas who had popularized the ghagras or traditional chaniya cholis.

In fact, we have also seen that in the past, the women in Rajasthan would wear these flowing skirts or Chaniya cholis and ghagras, as they would walk miles after miles to fetch water in the pots balanced on their heads.
Now, what would be the actual difference between the chaniya cholis and lehenga cholis? Are they one and same?

Cream Fish Cut Style Lehenga Choli

Few striking differences between chaniya cholis and lehenga cholis:

If you love trying out new styles of ethnic wear, then you would sooner or later shop for one for yourself too! So, how to know what chaniya choli is and which one is lehenga choli. Both Chaniya Choli and Lehenga Choli look very much similar. However, chaniya choli and ghagra is normally a straight cut skirt that can be found in cotton and many other fabrics too. Lehenga cholis were worn by the royalty and even worn by the people only during the wedding seasons.


Lehenga cholis are today very commonly worn by women across the world as they are easy to wear and mostly everyone who wishes to try ethnic Indian wear can try it out. So, lehenga cholis are made in a variety of styles and different cuts like straight cuts, Fish tail cut, designer, flared and Bollywood style cuts too. These lehengas are usually worn with a matching choli and a matching dupatta too that can be pinned on the shoulder.


Chaniya cholis however, are a little more conservative and only two styles exist – a classic style and a contemporary style.Deepika padukone in chaniya choli - ramleela

These are worn as a daily wear by all women in Gujarat and Rajasthan too. But more than that, today women across the world wear it even for festive or special occasions. The cholis can be little daring backless ones or can be studded with stones and beads all over with plenty of mirror-work on the sleeves. Both the chaniya cholis and lehenga cholis can be bought from online stores and that too by going through the size chart to suit you and your occasion.



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