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Nail Art – Metallic Little Ornaments and Magical Designs for this Wedding Season!


When would you define your makeup complete? When you match all your clothing with the right accessories and when you feel confident as a person in that. Right? Nail art has undergone a huge makeover in the recent times and we can just have a look at the few ways to see how little innovative designs and ornaments can amplify your looks.

Pink, Off White and Black Saree

If you are dressing up in a crepe and chiffon Saree with transparent lacy pallu to do the talking for you, then you can use all these colors randomly to create patterns on your nails. Metallic silver with a sprinkle of glitter on it will make your fingertips look very festive. The baby pink nails can be painted in plain or with random stripes in black or hearts in white to make sure that all the attention to detail has been given to your nails.

Red and black nail paint for Saree

In the above picture, we have for instance the saree can be simple red and black with golden motifs only at the end of the saree border. But, you wish to make a statement and you strongly feel that it is only possible when you decide to give your plain saree all the drama with bold stone and jewelry that can be shopped from your local cosmetic and costume jewelry store. Stick it on the fresh painted nails with glue and let it dry. Be careful though if the ornaments are little pointed.

Blue and Silver Nail art for Designer Saree

Its raining metallic all the way this season! In this picture, you can have a look at how a metallic matt gold finish also gets a match even on the nail paint. Paint alternatively with the main color of the saree and then with the metallic colored paint. Making plain stripes with the golden paint on the plain color will make the nail look very stylish indeed.

Attractive nail art for Black and white saree

This is a trend that has recently come to our notice and we believe that when you have time and talent in hand, do make sure that you paint your nails accordingly. For instance, if you have chequered patterns on your saree, then make sure that you could paint the nails with the same checks. Metallic patterns are time consuming but still very trendy indeed!

Nail Designs for Blue and Black Sarees

The saree that can make you look glamorous would only make you look like a star if you match it with matching and when I say matching, I mean the exact color to color match with the nail polish. Metallic gold stripes and patterns on the nails would only make the entire attire look brilliant.

Beige and Red colored Nail Art for Sarees

The classic Red and White Saree is a must for every wedding and can add tradition to all the occasions in your family. A look at the picture above can help you understand as to why you would need to use sharp small designs to make an impression of the motifs on the nails.

Weddings are not just of your best friend or your close cousin alone, rather, these are the times, when everyone makes it a point to stand out and look grand. Make a splash this season with smart nail art do a lot more than your clothes alone.


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