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Secrets to Look Slimmer with Designer Kurti


Attire can make your look round or slimmer. There are several vogue secrets that may assist you disguise the bulge in your hips, thighs, abdomen and legs. To look slim and attractive you must have to know about color selection, fabric in which suits you best and proper length. Looking overweight is one of the most unpleasant things that will put off your partner or boyfriend. In today’s fashion world to look like plump will not make an impression on anyone and it is a sign of being unhealthy. If you dress or appear in certain approach, you’ll build yourself look thinner! Here are a number of vogue secrets that may assist you.

Color and Pattern Selection:

Online shopping kurti is love by today’s women. Because it’s save time as well as you have many design and pattern at your doorstep. Women who wish to appear slimmer and taller can choose plain or single color kurti. Dark color dresses give a lean look in compare to light color kurti. Dark color smartly makes you look slim and on other side must avoid light color kurti and horizontal stripes & pattern, select vertical stripes & pattern as this pattern can help you slim down your figure. Black could be a sensible color to seem slimmer instantly. Prefer simply black kurti for perfect slim look. Choose V neck kurti to slim and pretty.

 Fabric Selection:

Select kurti which has figure friendly fabrics such as knit fabric, tightly woven fabrics such as silk, polyester and wool. Prefer soft cotton and thin fabric kurti which closer to your skin and highlight your curves. Avoid kurti which has thick, shiny and heavily textured fabrics.

Give Extra Care To Fitting: 

Choose perfect size kurti because if you wear kurti which is too big, it makes you look shapeless and heavier. If you wear right size and tight kurti, you just end up looking bigger than you really are.  Perfect Fitting with dark color kurti, which will give you slim and curvy look.

 Choose Length:

An illusion of length is best option for those who want to look thinner. Long single kurti is great who has heavy bottom part and hips. Choose straight and long kurti because it doesn’t look bulky compared to the flared ones. It’s also best to avoid thick fabrics as well as those that stick to the body too tightly.


Embellish yourself with pretty accessories. Prefer mix and match with different jewelry according to kurti.  Use cosmetics correctly to enhance the glamorous look. Choose elongated and asymmetric shapes, which make your face look slim and long. Avoid round shapes in accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, etc.

You can easily search kurti online. With online shopping kurti woman can easily save precious time and money.


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