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Things you should check while buying chaniya choli online


In today’s time everything is available online, people being not required to go out for shopping as they can do it straight from home with the use of internet via their mobile, tablet or PC devices. While the online shopping is handy and quick there are many factors shoppers need to keep in mind before going ahead.

Since the festival of Navaratri is coming closer, I would like to guide the readers on how and what things are important to check before you buy chaniya choli online from any e-commerce website.

There are 6 points we will talk about: Type, price, material, work, size and other.

  1. What type of Chaniya Choli?
    You probably are already aware but there is variety of types in chaniya cholis. And especially when you are buying navaratri chaniya choli you must select the right one. Not all the site list or categorise chaniya choli specifically for navaratri as its a seasonal product, plus this days chaniya cholis are worn on various occasions.
  2. Paying the right price
    Since you will not be able to touch and feel the product while buying online, it’s very important to get many details as possible about the product. Look out for the details like what work is done on the chaniya choli. Depending on the work done the price could fall a lot. We will talk more about work in the next point but to give you an idea, while hand work and machine embroidery would look kind of the same product where hand work is done are more quality products and has higher cost. So if the details on the product just say embroidery you must confirm with the seller for the type of embroidery before paying a higher price.
    Look for the flare (gher) details of the chaniya. Depending on the material and work, the flare of chaniya can drastically change the price.
  3.  Which material is better?
    Cotton based chaniya choli are the one you should go for where possible. Cotton chaniya choli are the most comfortable option for navaratri, as you mostly will be sweating while garba and cotton would help with soaking it faster. There is wide variety of net chaniya choli you will find online, which is cheaper to buy but would not come with the same comfort as the cotton ones. There are also other material which one should go for are art silk, cotton silk.
  4. Work done on the chaniya choli.
    Embroidery, mirror, kodi, patch, lace, resham work are some of the most common work applied to chaniya choli worn on Navaratri. As seen above Embroidery can be of many types and each type has its cost. Hand work embroidery, machine work embroidery, Zardosi embroidery are the most common. Machine embroidery is comparatively lot cheaper then hand work or embroidery (where gold and silver threads are used).
    Mirror work, kodi and lace work are the best for Navaratri and gives an excellent look to the chaniya choli.
    Patch work is also a good choice as it gives multi color look which better suits to this nine days festival.
  5. Check the size and measurements
    It’s absolutely important to check the size and sellers interpretation of size. Each seller might have different interpretation of the size they sell. One must check the size chart of the seller to see the sizes and their exact measurements. Since the chaniya choli is made up of 2 pieces, chaniya and choli, one should check the size of both individually. Cholis normally come in size range i.e. 30 to 34, which fits all the sized women’s between 30 and 34, so it should not be a big issue but the length must be checked for choli. Same applies to the chaniya so the waist line size would be fine but the length is important. As for the person with low height they will have to get the chaniya altered and they might end up losing some of the work by cutting the length and for taller person it would have to be extended. In either case alteration would need to be done and that can ruin the look of the piece. So must check with the seller for exact information on that.
  6. Other
    The other factors you should look for:
    a.) Flare of the chaniya (gher), No of kadi’s in the chaniya
    b.) No of lining in the chaniya (Astar)
    c.) Material of the lining (Astar)
    d.) Work done in the Dupatta
    e.) Length of the Dupatta

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